Chrystal King

Product designer at Depop

I believe great design is an enabler – it’s something that helps people experience life better than they could’ve ever imagined.

My core focus at Depop is to improve the lives of sellers. In the past, I’ve shaped products at Boiler Room & LifeWorks. I find that my architectural background continues to permeate through my everyday work.

I enjoy telling stories, painting and visual art.

I’ve worked on different projects throughout the years. 👩🏽‍💻

Here’s a curated selection of my work showing some of the interesting design problems I’ve had to solve and the thinking behind them.

I also enjoy teaching design..

I’ve given lectures at University of Arts London and Hyper Island in Sweden. My last lecture was on the future of design.

…speaking about design

I’ve been featured in a few articles and spoken about switching career lanes, emerging technologies + creativity.

& sharing my journey with others

I share my journey with hope that it will help others that are trying to break into the UX/UI industry.

Seen something you like? Let’s connect.